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Main categories: Rapid Test components,Antibody&antigen,aluminium foil Pouch,Filter Paper,Plastic Cassette for rapid test card
Shanghai Jieyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is composed of specialists who have been working in rapid diagnostic field for more than 8 years. We are now specializing in One-Stop-Service for Lateral Flow Rapid Test manufacturing or developing in the world. We provideEvaluated and selected raw materialsFeatured equipment Technical support or contract development.
Many customers have done a lot of work to choose a suitable blood filtration membrane. Our company's whole blood separator pad series can achieve perfect chromatographic and is widely praised by customers in the industry.
Shanghai Jieyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides a one-stop service that promises high-quality raw materials and free samples for you to try out. We also provide guidance throughout the entire process.
This type of template is full screen wide template, effect atmosphere. Our company is a network company Shanghai Jieyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Ahlstrom Company have signed a new five-year agency agreement (2020--2025), and we will continue to provide stable and high-quality product for domestic IVD enterprises.
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